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In news that's sad, but unfortunately quite true, it turns out that it may be Hermu00e8s employees who are partially responsible for the Valentino Shoes luxury brand's counterfeit woes. The Telegraph reports that, just last week, 12 suspects were arrested for their involvement in producing knockoff Hermu00e8s bags u2014 including two employees of the company.</strong>

Sparked by suspicion from insiders at the French fashion house, this recent crackdown resulted from a one-year investigation that unfortunately confirmed some of their worst fears. Naturally, this is huge concern for the brand, whose http://www.valentinosales.com/ handbags we associate with their iconic status and dream-ticket (or perhaps, more like in-your-dreams-ticket) price tags. And with that in mind, they're continuing to dig. Hermu00e8s did not announce that they'll be stopping investigations, but instead, that they still suspect other employees may be involved. We don't know about these possible staffers-suspects, but if it were us, we wouldn't mess with the powers that be. (Fashion Cheap Valentino Shoes Telegraph)