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The beginning of a new year can bring up a lot of feelings. Amidst all the talk of clean slates and resolutions, itu2019s easy to get overwhelmed, and, http://www.valentinosales.com/ as a result, lose sight of how you actually want to make the next year different. For those of you who wish to enact change, but struggle to find and commit to a goal, an emotional, Pagan-inspired cleanse (no, not the questionable green juice kind) may be the right place to start. Think of it like a meditation ritual that helps you tune into what you really want to achieve u2014 and gently clear out what might be preventing you from getting there.

And don't stress: This doesn't have to be a total life turnaround in a day. Cleansing rituals, specifically those inspired by Pagan traditions, are actually best done slowly, as theyu2019re intended to create enduring change, as opposed to instantly gratifying results.

I spoke with Francesca De Grandis, a shamanic innovator and thought leader in Paganism, about how to implement a ritual that will help you kick off 2016 in the best Valentino Shoes Sale way possible. Follow her simple steps to determine where to focus your efforts, and what you should leave behind before starting the new year. This ritual will leave you feeling prepared, centered, and, most importantly, free.

(De Grandis, already a best-selling author, just released Valentino Shoes her latest book A Sacred Marketplace. It shares her unique shamanic approach to marketing, and is available for purchase here.)